Corporate Training

Corporate Training (in-house private sessions)

WSI offer custom in-house training sessions tailored to your company specific needs. Our skilled instructors are available to meet with you and prepare private training so that your teams can learn everything they need to know.

Knowledge Transfer

WSI's  digital and social technologies Know-how will be transferred to your team by the best experts in this field. We will help your team to build the skills to plan, manage your campaign in-house.  

Why in-house training ?

1- It is cost effective. It is much less to train all of your marketing team plus other members from different department. All your company member being in the same page, will help other departments understand the new trend in the market and be ready and cooperative to give the full support to marketing team.  

2- The workshop case studies and examples will be related to your business.  

3- It is kind of a private consultation. Healthy, discussions with WSI expert during the workshop is an eye opener that give your team new view and aspects of the  business. We have seen it time after time, new ideas and opportunities come to the surface that improve the business profit dramatically.

There are much more benefits, such as creating short and long term plans, clarify goals and the strategies, etc.. 

Contact us at WSI to discuss how and what type of training your team need.. 

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