Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas 

Chief Digital Officer & Managing Director

#SocialSelling & #Reputation Management Expert
Keynote Speaker,  Digital Marketing Strategist


Rob lives and breathes Social Technology, Social Media & Mobile Marketing and Reputation Management.  He will show you how to use them to improve many areas of your bottom line, not just Marketing!

He’ll show you how to enhance and protect your reputation, whilst generating increased sales, reduced costs and improved customer acquisition and retention.

Recognised as an expert in reputation management, digital and mobile marketing, Rob is a professional speaker who regularly speaks in North America and across the EMEA Region.  In addition to consultation services, including the “12 step process to achieve Social Proficiency” programme, Rob also coaches, trains and provides implementation services to help business owners, organisational leaders and their teams. 
Rob is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management. More about Rom LinkedIn

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