Social Media Management Course

Social Media MANAGEMENT Course

( 3 days from 5 PM Till 10:00 PM ) 

This course teach the trainees how to move into the professional marketing on social Media websites and how to use  (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram) in a professional manner and what are the daily business to have to make. 

In this course you will  learn : 
- Important steps to apply social networking technology that helps to distinguish the identity of your company and your organization or public sector to present company image to attract new customers and keep existing customers.
- How to set the social Media plan for 90 days

Course Topics: 
1. The importance of marketing on social Media channels.
2. Identification of the goals of the company on social Media websites to increase the effectiveness of marketing
3. create company's policy on social media.
4. strategies to select and develop the social Media channels.
5. How to choose the right audience.
6. How to prepare appropriate content for your audience.
7. Learn professional tools for scheduling and publish content.
8. identify, analyze and measure the performance and reputation of your company on social media.

There are exercises after each part of the session. There will also be an exercise to develop a long-term plan through the exercise on the development of social communication plan for 90 days, which includes strategic planning for the construction of the content of works to potential customers and create selling opportunities attraction. 

About the Trainer :

Emad Ashram
Expert Trainer, Consultant, & Speaker
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneur, Business Developers,
  • Marketing Managers and Specialists 
  • Sales Managers and PR Managers
  • Marketing and business Agencies and Consultants 
  • Social Media Specialist and social media manager
 Trainees will be awarded with a certificate from WSI stream
 - Regular Price Registration                                            ( 4,125 SAR ) 
- Early Bird Registration (15 day prior to the course)      ( 3,750 SAR )

Additional Benefits:
1-   Assessment and comprehensive report of the for your company website for free (1350 Riyals)
2-   Free subscription in "WSI digital" library (Books - Guidance - Tips - Videos - Researches)
3- Free subscription in WSI experts group to exchange the experiences.
4- Get Knowledge of available Job opportunities in the Area .
5- Receive continuous online training for 12 a week through researches prepared by "WSI" experts.
6-  Evaluate Social Media plan prepared by the trainee after the course by coach.
7-  Registered and documented certificate on website

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